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Welcome to The Married Blog! We are SO glad you are here! Whether you are unmarried, happily married, or in a marriage that is under repair, our heart is to share hope, encouragement, and practical ways to make your marriage better!! Lets kick off by telling you a little about who we are, and how we got together!

 My husband, Justin is an amazing guy! He grew up in south Louisiana, served in the Marine Corps, and then settled in South Carolina. I grew up all over the East coast, went to 4 different colleges, and also settled in South Carolina. A mutual friend introduced us, but we were both semi-seeing other people at the time. We did end up striking up a friendship, though! A couple of months after meeting, we decided to be travel buddies, and take a trip to Aruba. A few weeks before that trip, I got Scarlett Fever. I was up late, quite medicated, sharing my secrets. I told Justin I wanted to get married, and take care of a husband, children, and a home when I grew up. He told me that he had a position available, and asked me if I’d like to get married when we traveled to Aruba! I said YES! That rest is history!   

 I fully recognize that our story is FAR from normal. I’m pretty sure everyone that knew us expected this thing to fizzle. But we both entered into marriage with the same expectations, and a commitment to choose to love the other person, even when we didn’t feel like it. Realistic expectations, and a commitment to love have carried us through some DEEP waters, and brought us closer, and more in love than I’d ever imagined would be possible for me. You see, I’ve got a past. Parts of it aren’t pretty. The way Justin loves me has been a huge part of my redemption. I’ll have to write more on that another time.

 But back to this blog. We really, really, REALLY want to see everyone in amazing, life-giving marriages! We are super excited to share things that have been life wins in our marriage! I hope you’ll stay tuned!!  

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